Today I will show you how to do code splitting use bundle-loader.

What bundle-loader does is to make each require('bundle-loader!xxx.js') to a Promise. Then it will load the module asynchronously from another chunk.

Let’s look at an example.

The example

We have a entry point example.js which will use bundle-loader to load file.js.

require("bundle-loader!./file.js")(function (fileJsExports) {

module.exports = "It works";

The configuration we use is:

module.exports = {
  entry: "./example.js",
  output: {
    path: "./js",
    filename: "output.js",

After we run the command webpack, we will get the following result:

Hash: e6bccc1fa42cc8c2b757
Version: webpack 2.1.0-beta.27
Time: 135ms
      Asset       Size  Chunks             Chunk Names
0.output.js  106 bytes       0  [emitted]
  output.js    5.87 kB       1  [emitted]  main
   [1] ./example.js 97 bytes {1} [built]
   [2] ./file.js 28 bytes {0} [built]
    + 1 hidden modules

Because we use bundle-loader to load file.js, webpack has generated a separate chunk to contains file.js. We can verify it by check inside those 2 chunk files:

  • output.js is the entry chunk. It contains the example.js
  • 0.output.js contains file.js

That’s all for today! Thanks!