Recently I created my first open source NPM package called create-webpack-config. As you can guess, this is to create a webpack configuration file (webpack.config.js), via CLI.

Basically it’s a command line tool which will generate an app structure for you to start using webpack in no time.

As to today, this module has been downloaded less than 300 times. It’s a very small number, but for me it’s quite big!


If you like to use webpack , try this tool. If you like the tool, star it on github. It really motivates me!

How to use

  1. Install the package via npm i -g create-webpack-config
  2. Create app by run webpack-config init

You now have a working directory to start! You can run npm i to install dependencies and then rurn npm start to start 🚀 !


Lots of people cannot figure out how to make webpack work. But some people are also working on this to make it easier to use, with different approaches:

  • boilerplate
  • better documents(especially @TheLarkInn, @sokra and other team members)
  • … …

With the popularize of Create-React-App (CRA), I think it’s worth another shot by building a CLI tools to provide single command to get started with webpack.

After all, webpack is a GREAT tool and we all love it 💕 💕 💕 !